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Hungry for Less is a powerful program that transforms your relationship with food and with your body so that you may lovingly, holistically and peacefully attain your healthy weight while learning to cherish and love your body for the precious vehicle that it is right now.

Whether you eat too much or too little, love or hate your body or eat with unhealthy wild abandon or spirit crushing restrictions, Hungry for Less compassionately guides you to:

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  • • Live a lifestyle that is as compassionate and healthy to your body as it is empowering and freeing for your spirit
  • • Stop obsessing about your weight, your appearance and about every crumb you put into your mouth. Forever remove your fears over food so that you may truly live a life of joy, freedom and serenity.
  • • Learn powerful tools and eating practices that will give you the freedom to eat whatever your body wants without guilt and without overeating.
  • • Silence your inner critic that often wages a war of shame, criticism and judgment upon your body, your mind and your spirit.
  • • Release deeply held and self-defeating beliefs about food, eating and your body.
  • • Discover the #1 reason behind your conflicted relationship with food and exactly what you can do to change it.
"Overeating is often a consolation prize for not getting the things we truly want in life."
Kim Kabar, Founder of Hungry for Less

Hungry for Less offers 4-week (two hours each week) workshops, which are open to men and women, who want to change their relationships with food and with their body image. We give powerful tools that give participants the potential for a deeply transformational experience that goes beyond food and weight control and deeply into the nature of their conflicted relationship with food and with their bodies. Click here to see our current schedule and location: